[PREVIEW] #107 - SERVANT OF THE PSYWAR: Long Empire Psychosis and Ukrainian Deep Politics


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For access to full-length premium episodes and the SJ Grotto of Truth Discord, subscribe to the Al-Wara’ Frequency at patreon.com/subliminaljihad. Dimitri and Khalid engage in the ancient Russian practice of whataboutizmu and dive into the corrupt power networks fighting over control of Ukraine, including: NATO gaslighting, cancelling Mearsheimer, Oliver Stone’s censored “Ukraine On Fire” documentary, US orchestration of the Maidan coup in 2014, similarities between Maidan and January 6th, “the Ukrainian revolution’s unlikely streetfighting Rabbi”, the strange phenomenon of “Zhydo-Banderites”, Jewish-Ukrainian gangster oligarch Ihor Kolomoiskiy bankrolling Azov nazis, Privatbank and Burisma corruption, Biden getting Ukraine’s General Prosecutor fired, Kolomoiskiy’s assassination attempts against the head of the Ukrainian Central Bank, the rise of Zelensky’s Kvartal 95 comedy troupe, Zelensky’s appearance in the Pandora Papers, the mysterious Oman trip scandal in January 2020, the shooting down of Ukrainian International Airlines flight 752 in Tehran, Kolomoiskiy’s money laundering operations in Cleveland and NYC, bankrolling the Lubavitchers, possible rifts between the US government and Kolomoiskiy, Dugin’s Fourth Political Theory, Soviet nostalgia, Spy Kids 2 and the curse of postmodernity, Marvel Mind Control, and the mystery of Ukraine’s US-funded biolabs.

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