#120a - TRIUMPH OF THE GRAAL: SS Obersturmführer Otto Rahn’s Crusade for the Grail (Pt. 1)


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Dimitri and Khalid investigate the murky grail quest of poet-turned-SS Ahnenerbe officer Otto Rahn, including: his books “Crusade Against the Grail” (1933) and “Lucifer’s Court” (1937), getting personally hired by Heinrich Himmler to search for ancient Aryan treasures, Rahn’s obsession with Parzival graal myths and the medieval Cathar civilization of southern France, the vicious Catholic crusades against Cathar heretics, sicko Crusader Popes skinning archbishops alive, egalitarianism and gnosticism in Cathar society, and haunting parallels between the crimes of the “Luciferian” Catholic Crusaders and the Luciferian SS. For access to full-length premium episodes and the SJ Grotto of Truth Discord, subscribe to the Al-Wara’ Frequency at patreon.com/subliminaljihad.

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