How to Reprogram Your Money Mindset and Become Rich AF with Amanda Frances {Encore Episode}


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This is an encore episode, that originally aired last year. Sharing it again because it's just that powerful.

Have you ever felt a weird energy around money? Have you ever felt like there wasn't enough, or you weren't meant to earn a lot of it? Have you ever felt totally freaked out that one day it may "run out?" I know I have, which is why I'm so thrilled to bring you today's guest - Amanda Frances. Amanda is an expert on the energy of money, and she is here to help you reprogram your mindset, heal your past, and become rich as f*ck. There are so many gems in this episode, so take notes. And fair warning: simply listening to Amanda will shift your whole vibration. So get ready. Join Amanda's money course here. Enrollment is closing in a few days, so jump on it!

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