Study Notes: Sales, Service and Strategy for Ethical Entrepreneurs explicit


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Wanna master your sales, service and strategy all whilst saying "see ya" to the industry techniques that make you SQUIRM? Then wowee, is this the podcast for you my friend! The podcast is hosted by Katy Prince (she/her); a cliche-busting Business and Sales Coach and founder of the Squirm-Free School of Business. Katy has become known for her unique 'Squirm-Free' and inclusive approach, having helped thousands of students who've gone through her programs. When we say 'Squirm-Free' we mean no more smoke and mirrors tactics, hyper-gendered language, and piling on the scarcity or pressure (all of which are currently rife in the entrepreneurial space!) Each episode provides a double whammy of both guidance to overcome limiting mindsets AND actionable advice to implement within your business strategy. The podcast is perfect for integrity-led business owners and service providers who want to ensure alignment with their current business and personal development goals. Katy dives into all the juicy topics you need to know, including pricing, launch strategies, networking, sales convos, course-creation, copywriting and MORE! We're all about inclusion, confidence-building, honesty and fun in this space, so if you wanna level up your business but maaaybe don't see yourself fitting within the traditional entrepreneurial mould, then come on in! We upload two episodes a week, so say hello to your new favourite days - Tuesday and Friday!

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