098: Plastic Bank’s Extraordinary Leader: A Dedication to Becoming


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What if you could let go of the doubts and fears that could hold you back from pursuing your big dream? This interview can rock your world! My guest David Katz is founder and CEO of Plastic Bank. He’s beyond inspiring to listen to, as he describes his journey to create and run this company. David didn’t get bogged down in questions about HOW he was going to make it all happen. He focused on becoming the person he needed and wanted to be. David shares insights about his decision to create a company that’s having an impact on thousands (soon to be millions) of lives around the globe. Your heart and mind are sure to be touched deeply as you absorb the wisdom of this very special man. Truly one of the most impactful interviews I’ve had the privilege of conducting. I’m guessing you’ll feel the same after watching or listening to our conversation.

You’ll discover:

  • The moment David realized he could create a company with Plastic Bank’s focus and mission
  • How David supports his team members, no matter where they are in their own personal development journey
  • Why it’s more effective to focus on who you are becoming in the world rather than what you are doing.
  • The importance of vulnerability and integrity in a leader’s influence
  • The positive impact Plastic Bank is having on individuals and communities around the globe

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