S1 / E47 Unflattering Imitation: Stalking Natasha


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Natasha was stalked by her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend.
After Natasha broke up with her high schoolboyfriend, his new girlfriend began harassing her online and reached out to people Natasha dated to make false accusations against her.
Her stalker’s obsession took a bizarre turn when she started imitating Natasha’s lifestyle by trying to look like her, copied her business, and even named her cat the same name as Natasha’s.
After Natasha’s stalker showed up at her mother’s office place, put her home address online, and made death threats against her, Natasha and her mother went to court to get a restraining order against her.
Now Natasha’s Stalker is claiming thatNatasha is “the crazy one” who’s obsessed with her.
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