S2 / E91 Stalked By A Cop: Skylar Galloway


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After quitting her job and moving to a new town, Skylar began receiving a series of anonymous emails.

The e-mails became vulgar and explicit, asking her to hook up and describing the fantasy of breaking into her house and raping her.

When Skylar didn’t reply the sender made threats claiming they would get what they wanted and take their own pics of her moaning and screaming - but that she "probably wouldn’t like it."

Skylar discovered that the person responsible was someone she knew well — who also happened to be an Arkansas State Police Officer.

She reveals details of her horrific ordeal and heroic battle to get police to put one of their own behind bars in her new book called Thrillsought: The True Story of the Woman Stalked by Arkansas State Police Officer, Mark Holland.

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