S2 / E82 Deciding Fate: Stalking Sally


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**The following episode of Strictly Stalking contains topics including sexual assault. Listener discretion is advised.**

After being stalked by a guy she met online, Sally turned to a therapist to make a controversial decision that could impact her life forever.

While attending college, Sally began dating a guy she met in a chat room.

She gave him a chance and even though she told him she didn’t want anything serious, he began obsessing over her.

He drove past her house, called her constantly, and even found her amongst the crowd at an out-of-town concert.

When she broke up with him and started seeing someone else, her ex pretended to be a girl asking personal questions to the new guy she was seeing.

After the breakup, she attended a baby shower and carpooled with him...and after the event, he forced himself on her.

She took a unique and controversial step that would bring a shocking outcome for both of them.

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