S2 / E73 Dangerous Grounds: Stalking Jessica


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Jessica and her family started experiencing unexplained occurrences around her home: knocking on windows in the middle of the night, random objects left in their backyard, and their dogs being let out of the gate.

She discovered an older man from her neighborhood was responsible for this bizarre behavior.

Jessica turned to law enforcement officials but most were dismissive; some even defended her stalker.

She was eventually granted a trespass warning against her stalker—which only intensified his behavior.

After a court hearing a judge awarded her a stalking injunction, but Jessica and her family continued to live in fear.

As a result of her experience, Jessica began working on her Doctorate, researching the brain’s reaction to trauma, in particular PTSD and CPTSD.

Her next mission is to develop training for law enforcement on how they can better address the crime of stalking and the impact of that trauma.

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