S2 / E72 Unfit Behavior: Stalking Jordyn


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**The following episode of Strictly Stalking contains descriptions of sexual assault. Listener discretion is advised.**

While working out at the gym, Jordyn noticed an attractive man watching her.

He eventually asked her out, but after the first date Jordyn wasn’t interested.

But the next day he offered to help her with her upcoming move and she agreed. That day he attempted to sexually assault her multiple times...and prevented her from leaving — then told her that they were in a relationship and he was her boyfriend.

She played the role as his girlfriend in the moment to pacify him and not further escalate the situation. She went to the police but felt re-victimized by the officer handling her situation.

Her stalker immediately began leaving her excessive voicemails, begging her to talk to him.

After she encountered her stalker multiple times in public, she began having panic attacks. Even though one of her college professors tried to intervene with advice…her grades and participation in school suffered.

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