S2 / E71 Anonymous No More: To Catch A Stalker


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Lifestyle bloggers Lauryn and Elise were stalked by the same man.

Lauren received disturbing messages on social media and then turned the tables on her perpetrator and hacked into his email.

When she turned to the police they told her there’s nothing they could do and said, "what did you expect when you have a public profile online?"

Undeterred, she spoke out publicity about her stalking case at a live event and her story went viral.

After sharing her story she met Elise who she learned was stalked by the same man years earlier.

He sent Elise sexually explicit emails and then created an alias on Poshmark so he could buy articles of her used clothing and then share with her about how special it was to have some of her things.

Like Lauryn, Elise launched her own investigation and found out information about his business, his wife, and where he lives.

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