S2 / E68 Planning Her Escape: Stalking Rebecca


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**The following episode of Strictly Stalking contains topics including abortion and domestic abuse. Listener discretion is advised.**

At eighteen, Rebecca began secretly dating her uncle’s best friend who was fourteen years older.

He became possessive and controlling, limiting her time with family and friends, monitoring her activity on social media, and looking through her phone.

When he learned she was pregnant with his child...he attempted to run her over with her own car.

After multiple attempts, Rebecca was granted a restraining order which only intensified his rage.

He stood outside her apartment complex blowing her kisses and motioning like he had a gun, sent strangers to harass her on the street, and left a note on her windshield saying she had to contact him or her car would blow up.

After he called her job close to 100 times a day, broke her car windows and flattened her tires… she turned to the police and was told that all they could do was file a police report.

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