Attack on Titan: Deceiver (E70)


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We review Attack on Titan: Deceiver (E70). As members of the anti-Gabi squad, we discuss why exactly we dislike her character when many others are just as controversial. We also talk about the true meaning of the title “Deceiver” and who that may actually be about. Plus, we celebrate the real MVP of this episode: the horse.

Song Credits: “Fuck Gabi” by Chrissa SJE YouTube: Spotify: SoundCloud: Music & lyrics belong to their rightful owner(s).

Every era of anime has just a few shows that are so influential, they’re granted the title of “anime classic.” Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) could very well be that, and to celebrate the final season we’re reviewing every single episode on Strictly Anime!

Each podcast episode will release every Wednesday following the new episode of AoT. This is in addition to our regular schedule for Strictly Anime.

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