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What’s your favorite podcast? Would you like to find some new ones? In celebration of International Podcast Day, Kris Jenkins invites 12 experts from the Apache Kafka® community to talk about their favorite podcasts. Unlike other episodes where guests educate developers and tell stories about Kafka, its surrounding technological ecosystem, or the Cloud, this special episode provides a glimpse into what these guests have learned through listening to podcasts that you might also find interesting.

Through a virtual international tour, Kris chatted with Bill Bejeck (Integration Architect, Confluent), Nikoleta Verbeck (Senior Solutions Engineer, CSID, Confluent), Ben Stopford (Lead Technologist, OCTO, Confluent), Noelle Gallagher (Video Producer, Editor), Danica Fine (Senior Developer Advocate, Confluent), Tim Berglund (VP, Developer Relations, StarTree), Ben Ford (Founder and CEO, Commando Development), Jeff Bean (Group Manager, Technical Marketing, Confluent), Domenico Fioravanti (Director of Engineering, Therapie Clinic), Francesco Tisiot (Senior Developer Advocate, Aiven), Robin Moffatt (Principal, Developer Advocate, Confluent), and Simon Aubury (Principal Data Engineer, ThoughtWorks).

They share recommendations covering a wide range of topics such as building distributed systems, travel, data engineering, greek mythology, data mesh, economics, and music and the arts.

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