Episode 77: Screening, Operating, And Understanding Chicago’s West Side


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Roman Viere manages and operates over 900 apartment units, and the majority of these units are in Austin. Austin is geographically Chicago’s largest neighborhood and offers everything from a 9-hole golf course to struggling store fronts. It takes a hands-on approach to analyze, screen and operate in a neighborhood like Austin, and Roman provides tactical insights and street-level knowledge useful to anyone looking to scale on Chicago’s West Side.

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Guest: Roman Viere from Urban Alternatives

Sponsor: Perry Farella of Prime Lending Sponsor: Appeal.tax

Link: Greater Austin Development Association

Link: Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance

Link: Oak Park Regional Housing Center

Link: West Cook Housing Homeownership Services

Link: Am I Being Too Subtle? by Sam Zell

Link: Devil In The White City by Erik Larson

Link: Phillip Moore - Senior Law Officer at CIC

Link: Summer Soiréé


Guest Questions

Guest Intro 4:45

How did you get started in Austin? 5:16

What are the different pockets of Austin and what can it do for an investor? 7:09

Why are most opportunities on Washington Blvd? 9:14

Why is the cap rate in Austin higher? 9:56

What are red flags when screening C and D class incomes? 14:01

What vacancy factor should I use in Austin? 16:16

What maintenance factor should I use in Austin? 17:25

How do you handle chargebacks? 20:49

What is the price per door right now in Austin? 22:07

How have you adjusted your business based on the economy? 23:53

What is the upside to investing in Austin? 26:27

How have you become a part of the community in Austin? 31:11

What is the minimum amount of doors I need to be successful in Austin? 33:25

Why buy in Blue Island? 39:02

Wrap Up Questions

What’s your competitive advantage? 41:22

Advice for new investors? 42:08

What do you do for fun? 43:24

Self development activity? 44:03

Local network recommendation? 44:58

How can we learn more about you? 45:49

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