Episode 68: Crazy World/ Aslan (Billy McGuinness)


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"We have to wrap Christy in cotton wool and look after him because, and I don't use this lightly, he is unique!"

Episode 68:

This week we're straight talking the "Crazy World" of Aslan with band member Billy McGuinness. Aslan are 40 years in the music business and are regarded as the band that "should have been as as big as U2". Billy tells us the highs and lows of the band, from starting in a literal pigsty to being multi-platinum, the depressing times of being dropped by two labels, having to go back on the dole and the disappearance of all the hangers on. Billy opens up about front man Christy Dignam's heroin addiction and cancer, Bono's relationship with Christy, what it's like for him and the rest of the band and the fear during covid if they would get to gig again with Christy's health.

Peter jumps back on for a week, which means him and Kamron pick on poor autistic Allan. Peter's life is a roller coaster... literally and the wasps are getting more hate. We discuss Michael Kenneth William's death and Allan is quite riled at seeing a young boy slapped by his mother in a shopping centre!

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