Episode 63: Black Lives Matter (Ashley France Howell)


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"If you are a person of colour, you need to be out of that town before sundown or you are in trouble."

Episode 63:

This week we're straight talking black lives matter with Ashley France Howell. Ashley is the host of the "Hands Up Don't Shoot" podcast where she discusses police brutality on the black community. We discuss the impact that just being black has on your mental health, the blatant and subtle racism in America, we find out what a "Sundown Town" is and Ashley tells us about her own mental health and the impact birth control medication had on her and how if not for the intervening words of her daughter she would have committed suicide.

Kamron is less than impressed at the prospect of inheriting gout and he attempts to pimp his new ride. Allan is smiling as he got to play golf, is treated like the princess he is and he is riled by a possible guest wasting his time.

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