Episode 47: Community Work


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Episode 47:

This week we're straight talking to Sarah Shakespeare about community work. Sarah tells us about her experience of being manager of the Teach Dara Family Resource Centre in Kildare, what it's like when people turn up at the door telling her they are suicidal, generational mental health issues in families, how covid has changed from families contributing to the food bank last year, to needing food bank this year and what the neighbours will think. Sarah also discusses how she distinguishes between genuine needs for counselling versus those who want to be seen to have counselling because it will look good in court! We're also plugging Teach Dara's Virtual Dawn Walk event, register and directly help someone that needs counselling: https://www.justrunsevents.com/dawn-walk-kildare.php

After last week's episode, we have some advice for the loved ones of people in abusive relationships. Peter's buying himself some sunglasses because he's colour blind and his horn gives up the ghost. Allan gets his official diagnosis of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) or High Functioning Asperger's and describes what that was like for him. We also have some big news as Peter steps back form the podcast.

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