Episode 46: Abusive Relationships


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Episode 46:

This week we're straight talking to Andy Furlong about abusive relationships. He opens up about being threatened with knives, being lunged at with scissors and the verbal abuse that impacted his self confidence, how he found out about his ex wife's infidelity, the consideration he gave to different methods of suicide as he spent Xmas alone in a hotel and how that relationship made him hypersensitive to red flags when meeting new women. We discuss the cycle of abuse and Andy also tells us about emigrating to London at the height of the recession and what that was like for him and his family.

As usual we have a bit of shite talking as well, Paul Ritter's death has Peter riled but he's smiling virtually watching dash cam footage from around the world. Allan's riled after watching Seaspiracy but he's back in love with Ikea so he's all good. He also discusses the realities of being a psychotherapist and what is required.

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