Episode #15 - Ask Dutch Anything: Randy Savage-Stephanie McMahon rumours, firing Jim Cornette, Nick Bockwinkel in Memphis


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Dutch Mantell once again answers YOUR questions! This week Dutch talks about ECW, what Father James Mitchell said to Dutch when the pair recently met, the difference between Dory Funk Jr and Terry Funk, the Randy Savage and Stephanie McMahon rumour that just will not die, the times he wrestled for the AWA world heavyweight title vs Nick Bockwinkle, the time he fired Jim Cornette as his manager, growing up in the time of segregation, Jim Crowe laws and Sputnik Munroe, his thoughts on the WWE Hall of Fame, Pacman Jones in TNA, wrestling bullies vs the enhancement talent they needed more than they knew and where the name Zeb Coulter came from.

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