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This interview with the podcast host of the award-winning The Creative Penn podcast, Joanna Penn, proves the old adage that “you never know until you ask.” I am a big fan of Joanna’s podcast, website, and books. On a whim, I pitched an interview to her and she graciously and generously agreed to it. I am still on a high from this interview and the fabulous information Joanna shared.

Joanna is a successful writer and entrepreneur. She covers every aspect of self-publishing from writing, to publishing, to distributing, and to marketing a book in her over 30 books and her podcasts as host of The Creative Penn Podcast . She has grown a successful business as an author of both fiction and non-fiction books as an indy author. How did she do it and what tips can she share with the aspiring writer?

Have a listen… Always positive and a self-proclaimed “cheerleader” for authors she believes that an already published book can find more success than a newly launched book with the right marketing techniques and new publishing outlets. She offers insights into the indie publishing field and how she feels it is transformative for new authors in getting their work out into the world. She answers all of my questions - some pretty basic - ie. can you place your book with two different online retailers as the same time? - Sorry, Joanna. But, hey, this is how my mind works. Listen and learn.
Any business owner will discover tips from Joanna's expereince. Her positivity and enthusiasm is contagous. She shares the story of her pivotstory, we love pivots stories at Stories and Strategies for Women from a traditional career to scaling a true love business. In addition to books on publishing and marketing and fiction fantasy books, Joanna's 1st book helps to make a career change titled Career Change: Stop hating your job, discover what you really want to do with your life, and start doing it! | The Creative Penn.

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