Spring/Summer 2021 | A conversation with Holly Gottlieb


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Holly Gottlieb is a musician, energy healer and community builder with all aspects centering around how we find connection with ourselves, each other and Gaia. In 2019, her business partner, Tom, who had been suffering with anxiety & panic attacks, walked into the Santa Monica ocean and drowned.

This spiralled Holly into a deep journey of self-discovery and healing which has spanned the last 2 years. In the summer of 2020, she gave away all her possessions, ended the lease on a beautiful Venice apartment, and embraced the Nomad life, getting on the road with her guitars, and heading straight into the unknown. In the last nine months, she has traveled across the US and had more mind blowing experiences than the rest of the other 30 years combined. She has been writing and performing music throughout it all and channeling messages from source to the collective.

Holly recently returned to LA with the intention of putting all of her experience to good use. She is now bringing together in person, both the people and businesses who are paving the way for the integration of higher consciousness into our physical experience and is now focusing more and more on the necessity of raising awareness for mental health.

In this episode, Holly talks about her journey from a good life in London, to the loss of her best friend, which takes her on a deep journey of self-discovery and healing, She also shares how it is now her mission to help those that are suffering with depression, anxiety, panic attacks and stuckness. She believes that there is divine intelligence working out and it's happening in the world and wants for people to be aware of it and its power.

Other areas we discuss:

  • Building a community around the connection
  • Overcoming deep grief and loss
  • Self-discovery and energy healing
  • Performing & writing music
  • Masterpiece by Big Thief

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