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Alison Carpenter-Hughes is a mixed-media artist who loves free machine embroidery. Today on the Stitchery Stories textile art podcast, Alison shares her life in fabric and thread. And since she decided to give her art practice her focus and 'go for it', there have been some fantastic opportunities reveal themselves to her.

Alison talks about her artistic journey so far, and of course, how she has had to adapt everything she had planned, due to the corona virus pandemic.

Susan Weeks chats with Alison in this episode of Stitchery Stories:

  • Taking part in the Artist Pledge initiative
  • Adapting everything in response to changes caused by corona virus
  • Her current fascination with eyes as her hoop art focus
  • Opportunities happen when you 'get out there' and be proactive
  • Working with an online business coach
  • Teaching herself free machine embroidery
  • Her creative spark in 2018
  • Winning awards and developing her artistic confidence
  • The power of having goals!
  • The hazy contrast between dreams and reality and our connections with each other
  • Using materials not often associated with sewing
  • The stories behind 'Little Connie' and 'Girl On Train'
  • 'Freedom Of Expression' is her next challenge
  • Working towards a sustainable art career

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