STT E50: Jeff Atwood (Stack Overflow cofounder)


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Hey folks!
I'm very pleased to be hosting Jeff Atwood as our guest this week.
Jeff was co-creator of Stack Overflow, which is by far one of the
most successful Q&A sites ever created, and is every programmer's
best friend.
Jeff and I talked about all sorts of stuff. I didn't have a fixed
agenda and just let the conversation roll. Jeff talks about quite
a few topics near and dear to his heart, especially hardware and
colocation. He also talks about his $10k bet with John Carmack
over the near future of self-driving cars.
We also talk about Discourse, which is Jeff's newest offering:
An open-source, modernized, full-featured forum software package.
I'm super stoked that Jeff took the time to be on the show.
Make sure you check out Discourse for your next forum!
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