Surviving Burnout as a Working Mom ~ Interview with Dr. Susan Landers


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Dr. Susan Landers is a neonatologist for over thirty-five years and a mother to three of her own children, Dr. Landers describes the incredibly demanding environment of the NICU and how she managed to deal with burnout near the end of her career. While caring for sick newborns and critically ill premature babies, Dr. Landers often worked more than sixty hours per week. At age sixty-two and seemingly without warning, her physical and emotional exhaustion ballooned.

She is author of the new memoir So Many Babies: My Life Balancing a Busy Medical Career & Motherhood

Today we’re going to talk about the signs of burnout, the reasons why it can have long-term impacts on our individual health, as well as the health and productivity of our society, and most importantly, what we should do if we're feeling burned out by work.
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