Above the Law? (with Elie Honig)


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Elie Honig is a former federal and state prosecutor. He’s currently a CNN senior legal analyst and a contributor and host of Up Against The Mob at CAFE. He joins Preet to discuss his new book “Untouchable: How Powerful People Get Away with It.” It documents the similarities between top mafia bosses and Donald Trump, how intimidation is used in and out of the courtroom, how prosecutors choose which cases to pursue, and more.

Plus, the FBI searches Biden’s vacation home again, Rep. George Santos faces multiple investigations, and Preet shares his thoughts on…almond milk.

Don’t miss the Insider bonus, where Preet and Elie discuss the Fulton County DA’s investigation of former President Trump and the Emmy nomination Elie received for hosting a documentary film on the 60th anniversary of the trial of Adolf Eichmann. To listen, try the membership for just $1 for one month: cafe.com/insider.

For show notes and a transcript of the episode head to: https://cafe.com/stay-tuned/above-the-law-with-elie-honig/

Head here to listen to Elie’s podcast, “Up Against the Mob”

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