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Dr. Sean O’Mara was an emergency medicine physician. In that role, he treated people from all walks of life. And it was obvious, even the wealthiest people failed at being healthy.
Despite being a doctor, he wasn't in good shape himself. In addition to being overweight, he suffered from several other chronic health issues.
A patient confronted him about his weight and introduced him to the paleo diet. That's all it took for him to realize how much impact even a small change in diet could have on overall health. His medical training utterly failed to prepare him to understand the changes that he experienced from changing his diet.

He became a researcher for the purpose of learning more about how to reverse chronic disease. He found that there is nothing more effective at eradicating chronic disease than visceral fat as a biomarker. He believes that the availability of knowledge on how dietary lifestyle changes reverse chronic diseases will significantly help his patients and the healthcare system.

Quick guide:
1:57 Sean O’Mara’s background
4:49 His health condition motivated him to be a researcher
14:32 Even the senior executive service and royal families eat crap
16:48 Mindset switch
18:14 Reversing chronic disease
21:59 What is visceral fat?
29:48 Indications of visceral fat
35:38 Signal & noise with visceral fat
44:53 Skeletal muscle and smooth muscle
50:24 Providing KBI - Key Biological Indicators - for the body

Get to know our guest:
Dr. Sean O’Mara is trained as an emergency medicine physician and currently works as a health and performance optimizing physician. He served in the military and was selected to be a physician to the president, vice president, and secretary of the state of the USA. As a researcher, his focus is on how to get rid of chronic diseases.

“I have great hope that the body of knowledge that is available, once it's packaged in a form that can be consumed and distributed , will be embraced by corporate America because they'll be able to reduce their second highest operating costs, behind salaries and wages.”
- Dr. Sean O’Mara
Connect with him:
Instagram: @drseanomara
Twitter: @drseanomara
YouTube: Dr. Sean O’Mara
Website: www.drseanomara.com

Episode snippets:
03:25 - 04:05 - Misinformed doctors affect our decisions
9:22 - 10:27 - What led him to be a researcher
15:31 - 16:28 - Billionaires and royal families eat absolute crap
18:18 - 19:32 - Disease abated, quality of life improved
24:51 - 26:03 - The amount of exposure to visceral fats
26:55 - 27:41 - People can see the visceral fat at the enemy inside of you
39:46 - 41:16 - A 79-year-old physician overlooked visceral fats in the scans
51:14 - 52:26 - The KBI - Key Biological Indicators

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