S2E26: Nayiri Mississian - a Type 1 Diabetic Who Defied the Experts


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"Just eat whatever you want and cover it with insulin."
That was the advice Nayiri Mississian received as a type 1 diabetic. She learned that it didn't improve her blood sugars. No matter what she did, her blood sugars continue to rise. The one thing she didn't try was slashing the carbs from her diet.
A chance encounter with Jason Fung persuaded her to adapt low-carb diet and extended fasting in her lifestyle. Her blood sugar improved. She took her bio-hacking even further with extended fasting. The "experts" say diabetics shouldn't fast. Yet she found that extended fasts helped to reset her insulin sensitivity.
Her biohacking led to optimized health, stable blood sugars, and reduced insulin needs.
She shares scientific information about low carbs and fasting on her website and social media platforms.
Quick guide
03:27 Maintaining a healthy lifestyle for a type-1 diabetic
09:00 Being diagnosed 44 years ago
16:39 The life-changing insulin pump
22:18 What a higher A1c meant
23:49 No breakfast against doctor’s advice
25:43 Fluctuating blood sugars and its effects
27:10 Beginning a low carb diet
32:58 Eating meat and reducing blood sugar
39:53 Adjust the insulin dosage based on activity & food
43:50 The baseline of insulin needed to keep us functioning
51:21 Difference of type 1 & type 2 diabetes
58:59 Burning carb sugar or burning fat
Get to know our guest
Nayiri Mississian is a type 1 diabetic. She has over 30 years of expertise in the field of education and owns her own translation business, NTS Translation. She shares scientific information in her exclusive Facebook group and offers coaching services to help clients with their health.
"I don't know if that's important to mention here, but I don't I don't charge anything for that, and that can take quite a quite a big chunk in my day. I feel bad for having done or experienced something myself and not sharing it with someone who's reaching out to me. " - Nayiri Mississian
Connect with her:
Email: nayirimississian@gmail.com
Twitter: @NTSTranslation
Instagram: @lowcarbandfasting
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lowcarbandfastingdotcom
Website: www.lowcarbandfasting.com
Episode snippets:
9:09 - 10:11 - Being diagnosed 44 years ago
14:38 - 15:11 - Live like everyone else and just take your insulin
22:19 - 23:30 - Her daily blood sugar is all over the place
28:08 - 29:02 - Gradually cutting out carbs
33:01 - 33:57 - Eating meat again after being a vegetarian
37:18 - 37:52 - The endocrinologist’s reaction
45:30 - 46:33 - All I need to care about is the baseline insulin level
49:40 - 50:23 - Have sufficient insulin on board
51:25 - 52:25 - Type 1 and Type 2

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