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She was inside the belly of the beast for 20 years, doing her best to help heal sick people. As she watched the healthcare system deteriorate and morph into something that actively prevented healing, she knew she had to make a change. A healthcare crisis of her own cemented the deal.
Cynthia Thurlow is a Nurse Practitioner specializing in cardiology. And she left the medical system so that she could help people heal. Today, she's a social media phenom, the creator of a viral TedX talk, a trusted voice on all things health-related for peri-menipausal and post-meno-pausal women, and an advocate for intermittent fasting as a health strategy.
This 68 minute conversation flew by. You'll enjoy it too.
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Her book Intermittent Fasting Transformation
Episode Snippets:
5:15 - 6:20 - A child with life-threatening allergies changed everything
7:18 - 8:07 - Patients just want the pill
12:45 - 13:27 - Overworked healthcare professionals
14:45 - 15:38 - Being so bogged down that they just stopped caring
16:11 - 16:48 - Losing healthcare professionals to other occupations
23:56 - 24:34 - You should not eat 12 hours a day
30:31 - 30:58 - Programs focused on women
43:37 - 44:03 - Once you see, you can’t unsee
45:38 - 46:48 - Being passionate about intermittent fasting
48:23 - 49:16 - Fasting is eating less often
1:00:08 - 1:00:35 - Don’t feel guilty about eating meat

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