S2E15 - Review of the 2022 Metabolic Health Summit


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Dr. Ovadia attended the Metabolic Health Summit in Santa Barbara, California on May 6-7 2022.
In this episode, we review the highlights, (for him.)
The Industry:

  • Testing is big.
  • Ketone Testing - consumer devices
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring (requires prescription)
  • "Levels Health" has a subscription program
  • https://www.levelshealth.com/


  • Supplements should be targeted, measured & evaluated after usage
  • Vitamin D is a hormone, not a vitamin

Food Industry

  • A cottage industry has sprung up around metabolic health
  • US Wellness Meats was a major sponsor
  • https://grasslandbeef.com/

The meeting was attended by Researchers, Clinicians and Patients. A wide range of diseases being addressed with metabolic health, including cancer and mental health.
Researchers originally believed cancer was a metabolic disease, an alteration in the metabolism of the cell. ("Otto Warburg Theory of Cancer")
Many are now researching the interplay between metabolic health and mental health.

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