Interviews with: Dr. Anthony Fauci, Gov. Tate Reeves, Rep. Ilhan Omar, Sen. Chris Murphy.


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First, Jake has Chief Medical Adviser to President Biden Dr. Anthony Fauci respond to GOP Senator Ron Johnson's claims that Fauci is creating fear and “overhyping” the threat from covid. Then, with the fate of nationwide abortion rights in limbo, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves tells Jake he’s cautiously optimistic the Supreme Court will ultimately overturn Roe v. Wade. Next, Rep. Ilhan Omar joins Jake to outline what congressional action should be taken against GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert for suggesting Omar was a terrorist. After that, Jake sits down with Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy to discuss gun reform in the wake of the deadly Michigan school shooting. Finally, Jake criticizes corporations and professional sports organizations for failing to take a stand against China’s human rights abuses.

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