026 - Homeoffice Setup and Socialising now, Startup Hubs, New Books to read


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This week, we sat down to discuss things that help us get through the work day with comfort. Working from home every day can be quite taxing. We all deal with it in different ways. In this episode we share some of the things that make our home office a bit more cozy and effective such as a decent webcam, headphones, chairs and backdrops. We then dive into some discussion on socializing from home. However difficult it is, there are still online events with virtual stages. Even with this current environment, is it enough, or do we need more? Alternatively, are startup hubs like San Francisco and Berlin still relevant? Can someone start a successful business with the right support from other cities? This week we share some interesting thoughts on productivity and give some interesting recommendations for your listening and reading pleasure.


To listen: Lane 8 Sunrise Set in Grand Lake Colorado

To read: Life Spend: Why we Age and Why we Don’t Have To by David Sinclair

To use for Notion: Ali Abdaal Book Notes Template

Persons of the Week: Dave Gerhardt

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