Episode 549 | Hiring vs. Outsourcing, E-commerce SaaS, and More Listener Questions with Jordan Gal


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In Episode 439, Rob Walling is joined by Jordan Gal to answer listener questions about starting an e-commerce SaaS and the laws and regulations, and compliance requirements required. They talk about managing enterprise perceptions of risk towards bootstrap startups. They also answer questions about bootstrapping and enterprise SaaS as well as hiring a growth role and whether you should hire full-time or outsource to a contractor or an agency.

The topics we cover

[01:11] Regulatory requirements for starting an e-commerce platform (Solman Ahmed)

[06:18] Managing enterprise perception of risk when selling as a bootstrapper (Noah Stall)

[16:26] Are some markets not feasible with a bootstrapped approach? (Declan Sweeney)

[22:42] Finding someone...

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