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Hello and welcome to another episode of Stars In Your Ears! In this episode, while Jess, Rob & Kitch try to make contact with the outside world, Michael’s hunger pangs lead him to some very sinister thoughts. Let’s hope he doesn’t eat special guests Flo & Joan as they give us an insight into creating & performing songs in their unique style.

Join the celebrity sisters as they learn to imitate the most powerful vocal voice of all, Shirley Bassey. . . In stereo!


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Stars In Your Ears Credits

Jess Robinson - Vocalist, Impressionist, Host

Micheal Roulston - Pianist, Host

Rob Lamont - Guitarist, Bassist, Host

Jonathan Kitching - Drummer, Percussionist, Host

Jo Walker - Mixer, Editor, Producer

Robin Morgan - Script Adviser

Rosie and Nicola Dempsey - Flo & Joan

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