Forecast for Oct. 6-19, 2021


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The Libra New Moon @ 14* occurs as we have seven retrograde planets, four of which will go direct within 12 days in October. There will also be a triple stellium of Sun, Mercury and Mars nearby @ 17* Libra, so make the disciplined effort necessary to avoid impulse in favor of considered thoughts and actions. 10*-20* of the Cardinal signs are strongly activated. As we begin the second half of our zodiacal season ask: "What are the emerging and evolving choice points in my Life right now?" The Sag South Node conjunct Venus moving into dynamic Sagittarius for a month (Oct. 7 - Nov. 5) will expose value based patterns up for renewal. Finally, the Sun and Mercury form a waning trine to Jupiter that will assist in guidance to objectify truth, enlighten progressive thought, and support our sincere compromises on this relationship journey to the core of our Soul.

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