Forecast for Oct. 20 - Nov. 3, 2021


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This Full Moon of Aries arrives as four of seven retrograde planets are now in direct motion. We can consciously put our foot back on the accelerator. The Full Moon of Self (Aries) will determine to what degree we have made the emotional Libran relating adjustments necessary to avoid disappointments in our social spheres. Mars and the Sun are traveling in tandem through late Libra, and then Scorpio. The Scorpio mantra is: "I metamorphose myself with evolving self- reliance" Mars is always synergistic in Scorpio as the traditional ruler of that sign prior to Pluto's discovery. And Happy Solar Return to Kim Marie October 24th! Join us for all the public webinars scheduled: Venus Rx in Capricorn, Monday Dec. 13th, The 2022 Forecast January 5th, and The Nodal Axis ingress into Taurus-Scorpio, Jan. 22nd, 2022. Get on Astro News list for enrollment and registration details.

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