Forecast for July 8-22, 2021


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This Cancer New Moon will most likely reveal relationship co-dependencies, trust issues and all the family projections that may grace our reunions, dinner parties, and group events. The Cancer mantra remains: " I evolve emotionally with self responsibility" Try not to take anything personally. With Mars and Venus conjunct in Leo, it will be easy to see who demands the spotlight. Let that deeper light shine through you and attract only genuine and heartfelt vibrations from all your interactions. Mercury entering Cancer will help you keep your emotional center. That Mars Venus will oppose Saturn in Aquarius testing this emotional resolve. Chiron retrograde in fiery Aries helps us observe how many old worn-out stories we collectively cart around and repeat. Challenge yourself to gracefully re-direct those somewhat negative re-runs into progressive thoughts and actions that enroll all concerned to jump on the creative bandwagon with you to the core of the Soul.

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