Forecast for Jan. 31 - Feb. 15, 2022


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The New Moon Aquarian mantra is: "I break free with new creativity within myself" and that now becomes the theme for the next several months as all planets are now in direct motion until another Pluto retrograde April 29th. Forward thinking projects and novel ways of solving problems are facilitated. We are at the halfway point (cross quarter) to spring so you may wish to participate in divining ceremonies. Offer up to the fire what has been holding you back and release it to the universe. Ask Jupiter to assist. Invoke Jupiter waxing semi-sextile to Chiron and the waxing sextile to Uranus. The whole health and wellness, self-healing arts and complimentary medicines are highlighted for use and results are achieved. Collective and personal cycles are colliding now just in time for the first USA Pluto return. The New Moon will pull us forward out of the late Capricornian control spasms. Get out your charts and map 27* of the cardinal signs and know that is now the hot leading edge of evolution on the planet. Finally, Venus Mars' second conjunction emphasizes renewed values and inspired actions as they conjunct Pluto then ultimately race through Aquarius on this supercharged journey to the core of our Souls.

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