Forecast for Jan. 2-17, 2022


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This New Moon in Capricorn conjoins the inner planets and then Pluto. This combo energizes all things practical, serious, and goal-oriented. Later next week, the Sun also conjoins Pluto and the Capricorn themes deepen. Remember: Ultimate Self-Responsibility yields Ultimate Freedom Exacerbating this process towards self-reliance, Jupiter @ 1* Pisces will square the last of the Gemini-Sag nodes just prior to those nodes moving into Taurus-Scorpio later this month. Get all the details of this transference of emotional energy on the webinar scheduled for Jan.17th. However, suffice to say that this last gasp of mutability will enhance the frenzy associated with the holidays, back to school and related details. Uranus goes direct and Mercury retrograde adding fuel to this fire. Simply reflect on which parts of this increasingly material world that we value the most and expend energy in those directions. Finally, Mars will square Neptune causing frustrations and even a stock market correction. Mars Neptune hits always reveal lack of soundness and integrity. So make a great New Year and join us on the 2022 Forecast Wednesday night, Jan 5th for the whole picture of 2022 and the journey to the core of the Soul.

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