Forecast for Feb. 12-26, 2021


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We are under an Aquarian Super Stellium for this New Moon podcast. The Sun in Aquarius mantra is "I break free with new creativity in myself" We must become conscious of any future-orientated messages that have been filtering through. Repeating themes involving social justice and group dynamics are highlighted. This is supported and enhanced by the first of three last quarter squares of Saturn and Uranus in fixed signs throughout the year 2021. Expect a reckoning of beliefs and a raising of consciousness. Deep meaning is available to be manifested into our lives. Aquarius' ruling planet, Uranus in Taurus, has revealed climate change to be factual since 2018. Our rug of security is slippery and the survival lessons are just beginning to accelerate. Neptune's exact square to the nodal axis continues to cause confusion on what is Truth and what are the Lies. Finally, with the Sun in Pisces late next week, Mercury direct @ 11* Aquarius, Venus entering Pisces we will be asked to make choices that add value to our relationships, maintain healthy boundaries, and release that which no longer serves us on this incredible journey to the core of our Souls.

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