Charades of Gray: The 8th Anniversary Special


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Jeremy fights for his life in sickbay after he is infected by an alien parasite on the eve of the 8th Anniversary of the podcast. Joselyn soon discovers that the only way to save Jeremy is to bombard his mind with memories of Star Trek Wars. In a love letter to a “classic” Star Trek episode, we have a fond look back at podcast memories that include musical pieces, fan interactions, celebrity encounters, ridiculous standout moments, with classic commercials, bloopers, and much, much more. Starring: Jeremy Reed, Connor “Bot” Reed, Jordan Rosenwinkel, Leta Chalupa, Joselyn Martin, Chelsea Yarbrough Reed, and Star Trek Wars Ambassador Joseph Adams as “Transporter Chief Joseph Adams”. Special thanks to: Lainey Boylett, Tony "The Gribshnobler" Desimone, Will Flora, Wayne Fraser, Alex Granda, James King, Big Lazka, Alexandra Leeser, Melonie Coop Marshall, Dustin Peterson, Bendict Schnyder, Alex Searcy, Barbara Whipple, and Brian Wolters. Send us your feedback!

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