Matt McCall Shares His Vision of the 'Roaring 2020s'


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When you ask folks about what worries them the most, one of the most common responses researchers heard was "the future."

But today's guest doesn't look at it that way.

When Matt McCall thinks of the future, he sees dozens of trends that will greatly improve all our lives... and a world of incredible investment opportunities.

And when Matt talks about investment opportunities, it pays to listen.

After all, he's recommended an incredible 40 different 1,000% winners in his stock-picking career.

So, this week, Dan decided to invite Matt back onto the show for a couple of reasons.

The first is to get Matt's insight into some of these megatrends that will shape the way we live... trends like the future of transportation, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and much more.

And the second is to welcome him as the newest editor to join the Stansberry Research family.

The two have an enlightening conversation that'll leave you much more optimistic about where we're headed.

Matt even shares the names of two stocks that recently became public, flying completely under the radar today, that he believes could be his next 10X winner...

It's one you DO NOT want to miss!

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