262 – Society Lets Children Down


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The Wrong Boys reflect on their childhoods, think about the ways that society lets children down, and imagine a directly democratic agetopia, where differences in age are part of a complimentary whole.

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Opening Theme Song by Trái Bơ:
Closing Theme Song by Dope Creature:

The Child and It’s Enemies – Emma Goldman: https://libcom.org/article/child-and-its-enemies-emma-goldman
No! Against Adult Supremacy: https://archive.org/details/no-against-adult-supremacy
Why is the Child Crying? Slavery, Settler Colonialism, and the Ontological Misfortune of Childhood – Toby Rollo: https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/toby-rollo-brian-davis-arthur-silber-no-against-adult-supremacy-vol-10#toc1
Childism by Elisabeth Young-Bruehl (CW: Child Abuse): ISBN-10: 0300173113
Escape from Childhood by John Holt: ISBN-10: 0985400293

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