Śrī Aruṇācala Akṣaramaṇamālai verse 2


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In a Zoom meeting of the ‘Ramana Maharshi Foundation UK’ on 9th April 2022 Michael James discusses verse 2 of Śrī Aruṇācala Akṣaramaṇamālai.


அழகுசுந் தரம்போ லகமும் நீயுமுற் றபின்னமா யிருப்போ மருணாசலா

aṙahusun darampō lahamum nīyumuṯ ṟabhiṉṉamā yiruppō maruṇācalā

பதச்சேதம்: அழகு சுந்தரம் போல் அகமும் நீயும் உற்று அபின்னமாய் இருப்போம் அருணாசலா.

Padacchēdam (word-separation): aṙahu sundaram pōl ahamum nīyum uṯṟu abhiṉṉamāy iruppōm aruṇācalā.

English translation: Arunachala, like aṙahu and sundaram, may I and you uniting be non-different.

Explanatory paraphrase: Arunachala, like aṙahu and sundaram [two words that are different in form but one in meaning, namely beauty], may I and you uniting be [completely] non-different.

Alternative meaning 1: Arunachala, like aṙahu and sundaram, I and you will [always] be [or always are] completely non-different.

Alternative meaning 2: Arunachala, like Aṙahu [my mother] and Sundaram [my father], may I and you uniting be [completely] non-different.

While discussing this verse Michael discusses the meaning and implications of various other passages from Bhagavan’s writings, including Upadēśa Undiyār, Nāṉ Ār?, Śrī Aruṇācala Pañcaratnam, Uḷḷadu Nāṟpadu, Āṉma-Viddai, Guru Vācaka Kōvai, Śrī Aruṇācala Akṣaramaṇamālai and Śrī Aruṇācala Navamaṇimālai.

This episode can also be watched as a video, 2022-04-09a Ramana Maharshi Foundation UK: Michael discusses Śrī Aruṇācala Akṣaramaṇamālai verse 2, and a more compressed audio copy in Opus format (which can be listened to in the VLC media player and some other apps) can be downloaded from here.

After discussing this verse of Śrī Aruṇācala Akṣaramaṇamālai Michael answers questions about this and other aspects of Bhagavan’s teachings, particularly the practice of self-investigation and self-surrender, and this part of the meeting is recorded in a separate episode: Śrī Aruṇācala Akṣaramaṇamālai verse 2 Q&A.

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