Self-investigation, purification and behaviour


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In a Zoom meeting with Ernesto and Carlos of ‘Yo Soy Tu Mismo’ (a group of Spanish devotees of Bhagavan Sri Ramana) on 5th January 2022, Michael James answers the question:


“The qualities that flow naturally from Self-inquiry are truly pure qualities and, therefore, it makes no sense to try to modify our behavior to be more compassionate, humble, helpful...if these qualities weren’t yet the result of attending to ourself for who we really are, then they would not be authentic qualities. Is this true?”

While answering this question he discusses several passages from Bhagavan’s writings, including Nāṉ Ār? and Guru Vācaka Kōvai.

This episode can also be watched as a video, 2022-01-05b Yo Soy Tu Mismo: self-investigation, purification and behaviour, and a more compressed audio copy in Opus format (which can be listened to in the VLC media player and some other apps) can be downloaded from here.

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