The state of the Canadian sports media


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Episode 185 of the Sports Media Podcasts focuses on the state of the Canadian sports media. The guests are Shireen Ahmed, a senior contributor with CBC Sports and a co-host of the “Burn It All Down” podcast; Donnovan Bennett, a multi-media host and writer for Sportsnet; Morgan Campbell, a Senior Contributor for CBC Sports; James Cybulski, a play by play voice for EA Sports’ NHL 21 and longtime sports media voice in Vancouver; Bryan Hayes, the host of TSN’s “OverDrive” show and podcast and a commentator for TSN, and Kara Wagland, an anchor and reporter for SportsCentre and the host of the NFL on TSN. The podcast is broken down into two panels, with Bennett, Hayes, and Wagland in the first panel and Ahmed, Campbell, and Cybulski in the second panel.

In this podcast, the group discusses whether Canadian sports fans are being served by the Canadian sports media right now; what Canadian sports consumers want from the people in their positions; what content areas are growing and receding; prospects for long-term employment; the U.S. impact on Canadian sports media content; the impact of the arrival of legalized sports gambling in Canada; the makeup of those in the business and being a disrupter; advice for young people heading into the profession, and more.

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