The biggest sports stories of 2022 with Kavitha Davidson and Jane McManus — and ProPublica’s Jesse Eisinger on income-tax avoiders among the ultrawealthy sports owners


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Episode 173 of the Sports Media Podcast features three guests. First up is a roundtable with Kavitha Davidson, a correspondent for HBO’s Real Sports and a longtime sports and business writer, and Jane McManus, the Director of the Marist's Center for Sports Communication and a Deadspin sports columnist. They are followed by Jesse Eisinger, a senior editor and reporter at ProPublica. In April 2011, Eisinger and a colleague won the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting for a series of stories on questionable Wall Street practices that helped make the financial crisis the worst since the Great Depression.

In this podcast, Davidson and McManus discuss what they see as the biggest sports stories for 2022 including athletes continuing to talk about mental health publicly; the prospect of a major gambling scandal in sports and potential corruption of college players for information to aid bettors; NILs and market creativity forcing the NCAA to completely reevaluate revenue structure; F1 continuing to balloon in the States;women’s sports finally getting their financial due; Amazon becoming more of an NFL presence; leagues are going to have to deal with the China question; a total reimagining of what the role of coach is and much more.

Eisinger discusses his recent piece on real estate and oil tycoons avoiding paying federal income taxes including Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross; how widespread are income-tax avoiders among the ultrawealthy sports owners; how one goes about doing this kind of reporting; the lack of congressional oversight for tax loopholes; how sports owners use their teams to avoid millions in taxes; why the sports public does not revolt, and more.

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