Life after a sports media career: A conversation with Amy Moritz, Amy K. Nelson and Kat O’Brien. Plus, ESPN’s T.J. Quinn on Brittney Griner


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Episode 202 of the Sports Media Podcast features a conversation with three women who transitioned from sports media into other businesses — Amy Moritz, a former Buffalo News sports writer; Amy K. Nelson, a former ESPN and SB Nation writer and on-air commentator; and Kat O’Brien, a former baseball writer for The Fort Worth Star-Telegram and Newsday. They are followed by T.J. Quinn, an ESPN investigative reporter. In this podcast, Moritz, Nelson and O’Brien discuss transitioning from working in the sports media to other professions; the challenges of that process; where they have found success; what, if anything, they miss from their previous jobs; how identity plays into working in the sports media; how they view the sports media business today; advice for those in the business who want to leave; and more. Quinn discusses the latest on Griner; what changed with the case; how the WNBA is involved; the challenge of reporting on Griner; the future of women’s basketball abroad; what’s next and more. You can subscribe to this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, and more.

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