ESPN’s Ryan Clark on building a broadcasting career and Cadence 13 producer Patrick Antonetti


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Episode 173 of the Sports Media Podcast features two guests. First up is ESPN NFL analyst and podcaster Ryan Clark, the former NFL safety who has worked at ESPN since 2015. He is followed by Patrick Antonetti, the lead producer of this podcast.

In this podcast Clark discusses his path from professional athlete to broadcasting; what in his opinion separates long-term success versus one contract and out in sports broadcasting; how close he was to leaving ESPN for Fox Sports earlier this year; why he wanted to own his own content; his travel schedule for his job; how a guy such as Urban Meyer bullshits his way into the NFL; comparing Patriots' Bill Belichick to God; self-evaluating his work; what he wants to do heading forward and much more.

Antonetti discusses how this podcast gets put together; what his job entails; the challenge of audio editing; what he thinks makes a good podcast; his Jersey sports fandom; what episodes he’s liked producing and more.

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