Will you watch baseball outside of your team? Plus, mega-viewership numbers for the Women’s Final


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Episode 195 of the Sports Media Podcast features two guests. First up is Chad Finn, a sports media writer and general columnist for the Boston Globe. He is followed by Charlotte Carroll who covers UConn basketball and WNBA for The Athletic

In this podcast, Finn discusses the interest in national broadcasts of baseball; whether MLB expanding to streaming services such as Amazon and Apple+ is good for the game; how ESPN’s Michael Kay/Alex Rodriguez Megacast will do; why it is tough to relate to Rodriguez as a game broadcaster; ESPN’s re-signings of Adam Schefter and Adrian Wojnarowski and what that means; how much ESPN valued their social media standing; Fox’s upcoming decision to replace Troy Aikman and why Greg Olsen has yet to be named, whether Urban Meyer will be hired in sports broadcasting again, and more.

Carroll discusses the on-the-ground coverage of the Final Four; the access media received; how many writers The Athletic had in Minneapolis; how the players felt as far as equity from last year; what it means that the final drew 4.85 million viewers on ESPN; what to expect from UConn and South Carolina next year; the favorite for the WNBA title; the status Britney Griner and more.

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